Cyber Security Company

  Services Prodived
Office Furniture Installation

Fleet, Hampshire

  Installation time
2 days

  Business Type
Cyber Security Company

  Project Timeline
2 months

The Project

WarrensOffice were invited to quote for the office refurbishment of a Cyber Security Company after finding our details from our website.

After an on-site consultation with the Managing Director we submitted our quotation and were pleased to be selected out of a shortlist of 3 office interior specialists like WarrensOffice.

After the office floor plans were finalised the colour selection proved to be a challenge. Half of the employees felt that traditional wood finishes were more stylish, while the other half felt that a modern look was a more appropriate way to position the company and convey the right image.

We at WarrensOffice understand how important these decisions are to your business and how the office environment reflects the company brand and employee culture. So, to help aid the decision making process we offered fabric swatches, wood samples, and mood boards that could be used and experimented with.

Their final choices were made unanimously and opted for a White Wood with Chrome frames and black fabrics which they were all extremely pleased with.


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