Peartree House

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  • Space Planning
  • Furniture provision and installation

Southampton, Hampshire

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1 day

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  Project Timeline
6 months

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The Project

We were contacted by Peartree House when they were planning to update their entire reception area. We had numerous meetings before any building work had begun, looking at possible locations for the unit to go, and discussing the requirements of the unit with the receptionist. Once we had a location agreed we worked up some initial plans that worked, but nothing we put forward was really grabbing the client, as at this stage we were working with standard modular units to keep the project cost down and trying to make them fit the space.

We moved over to a completely bespoke unit and came up with a design that allowed us to fix an access hatch to one wall and finish flush against the other wall, this meant the unit fitted the room perfectly and looked like it was supposed to be there!

The unit was made to order so took almost 8 weeks to produce – as I think you will agree it was well worth the wait and has certainly had the desired impact on visitors.




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