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Environmental Strategy

Warrens Office is committed to action to prevent climate change and to preserve the environment.  We are very proud of our ISO14001 and Carbon Smart Gold accreditations.

We recognise that positive action is important to the local community.  We have signed up to the Winchester Declaration of Climate Change and we are a member of the Winchester Action on Climate Change group.  We have also reduced our carbon footprint by 7.5% and we provide green services to our customers.

Our target for 2018/9 is to maintain our carbon footprint reduction and to reduce our environmental impact to the lowest level possible.

We will achieve this target by taking positive action, including:

Our environmental impact is under constant review as we strive to reduce our carbon footprint and to minimise the effect of our business on the environment. This Policy will also be reviewed annually.  Decisions are taken at Board level and there is a management-down approach.  All our staff are on board and support us.  After all, it makes good business sense!

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