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The day you first talk to Warrens Office is the day we start reducing your costs. It could be tempting in the competitive world of office supplies to conceal our pricing structure. We could not be more open, clear and honest. We identify and show you precisely how and where we can save you money.

Analysing your spend without the pain

Our initial audit

Traditional benchmarking methods typically involve pricing a basket of general office supplies without a clear guide as to how much of your total purchasing comes from this basket.

If, for example, it represents less than 70% of your total spend, you will probably want to know what else is consuming so much of your budget.

Our unique analysis software will include and price every product ordered from purchasing information you provide and will cross reference different supplier codes to make the process of comparison completely straightforward.

Request a price survey to see why we are becoming one of the South’s leading suppliers of office supplies.

Why should you continually analyse your spend?
To offset the natural erosion of price

Our management reporting

Having made significant savings by switching suppliers, you will naturally be keen to see those savings maintained.

Too often these can be eroded because:

If unchecked, before long you appear to be spending a similar amount on office supplies as you did before. Unless you are being made aware of these changes, you cannot act on them.

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