Environmental Products

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Environmental Products

Recognising our responsibility to the environment is of paramount importance to Warrens Office, which is why, along with our robust Environmental Strategy and working practices we have crammed loads of environmentally friendly products into our catalogue.

Look for the Happy Planet logo and be assured that Warrens Office is working with you to preserve the precious resources of our earth.

Forest Stewardship Counicil FSC

Trademark of the Forest Stewardship Council: an international non-profit association established to improve the management and prevent the degradation of the World’s precious forests. Paper products with this symbol are sourced from forests managed according to strict environmental, social and economic standards.


The Fairtrade Mark is awarded to products which meet international Fairtrade standards. It guarantees that excluded and disadvantaged producers in lesser developed countries get a better deal by ensuring farmers get a fair price and workers a fair wage with an additional premium to invest in community development.

Packaging Waste

It is impossible to avoid packaging in the office supplies business, however investment in machinery and recycling procedures means that all our incoming card and plastic packaging is compacted and baled for recycling.

Indeed all recyclable material throughout the business is collected, sorted and dealt with accordingly – our landfill responsibility is negligible.

Happy Planet Products

A broad range of our products carry the Happy Planet logo, identifying them as either partially or 100% recycled, or manufactured in a way which minimises the impact on the environment.

We endeavour to offer the widest range of recycled and fair trade products possible, we recognise our responsibility to the planet and share our customers’ desire to access the best products at the lowest cost to our planet.

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