Office Insight Four

Four high value services to save you time and money

Our office supplies service cannot be trumped!

If your business operates across multiple offices or has 50 employees or more, then Office Insight 4 is your winning hand to achieve cost reduction and improved efficiency on your office supplies purchasing.


An audit service that really gets our cards on the table.

We conduct a full survey of your expenditure on your everyday office supplies like office stationery and printer ink. Using your actual purchasing data from your invoices gives you the best chance of quantifying your usage and the savings that we can offer you.

We provide you with a detailed report that shows the savings you will make on like-for-like products and we will suggest identical cheaper alternative products that will save you even more money. We'll forecast the savings that you will make over time.

We will go through the report together and agree which of the money saving products you would like your company to use going forward, creating a bespoke core product list.


An implementation service that ensures that all purchasers follow suit and never miss a trick on savings.

The core product list is transformed into a brochure for easy reference by purchasing staff. We'll also agree and set buying authorisation limits for each purchaser giving you total control over spending on office supplies.

All office supplies purchasers will be given training on how to order from the core product list and get the most out of the easy online ordering system including the requisition pads, favourites and quotes functions.

Cash Savings Reporting

A reporting service that proves that you are always getting the best deal.

Monthly or quarterly reports (as deemed appropriate by you) will show spend on office supplies by department, split by product categories (print, office stationery, office machines etc...). The report will also compare actual expenditure verses our expected forecast.

The report also highlights compliance to the core list by department. Your dedicated account manager will work with your individual purchasers to help ensure that buying continues from the core list of products. This ensures that expenditure doesn't creep up over time.

See how we can reduce your costs by 30% or more

Ongoing Savings Delivery

An office supplies service that cannot be trumped.

All paperwork is simplified through automated consolidated invoices and statements. Our detailed reporting will identify any issues and highlight efficiency improvements.

Regular review meetings will highlight shifting spending patterns that can be addressed through additions and updates to the core product list.

Further opportunities to save money will be highlighted by your dedicated account manager who will suggest alternatives or volume based price improvements.

Our other services such as print management, data shredding, storage and archiving and design also offer you further business efficiencies.

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